Today we have a new guest on the blog, straight from sunny Florida: David. Le’s find out a few things about one of the world’s favorite destination, Miami!


1. Let’s get to know you better: where are you from and what are you doing now in Miami?

My name is David Hoffmann, 30 years old, I was born and raise in Miami. Both my parents were born in Venezuela, mothers family is Italian and fathers family is Hungarian. Miami has and always will be my home base. My wife and I recently had our daughter Melina Hoffmann. I currently have Davidsbeenhere, a travel media company. We produce travel videos, articles and do Instagram campaigns for destinations and hotels. I also have a boutique real estate firm in Miami where we assist foreigners invest in Miami or buy second homes.

2. What do you like the most about Miami?

The best thing about Miami is the weather! Its always sunny and we hardly have any cold days. Besides that Miami is becoming a global city with near international airlines opening up every month. We can now fly direct to all of Latin America, USA, Caribbean, most of Europe, and recently we opened up direct flights to Istanbul and Qatar. Next big routes will be Miami – Cape Town and Miami – Taiwan.


3. Let’s suppose a very good friend of yours will come visit Miami. Could you please make a two days program to include all the must see places?

Two days is very little time but here goes: South Beach is a must for anyone that visits Miami for the first time!


Day 1:
-Visit Lincoln Road, this is the pedestrian street in South Beach that runs from Alton to Collins.
-Go to South Point Pier
-Eat at Joes Stone Crabs
-Visit Perez Art Museum
-Go to Wynwood Walls
-Eat Dinner at Gigi’s next to Midtown


Day 2:
-Visit Coconut Grove and Go shopping
-Take a tour of Viscaya
-Have Lunch at Jaguar Ceviche Restaurant
-Take a stroll on Miracle Mile (The shopping street in Coral Gables)
-Go take a tour of the Biltmore Hotel (Miami’s oldest hotel)
-Go have dinner at Seaspice on the River


Day 3:
-Take a boat ride in the Everglades National Park

4. What touristic attractions you think are a bit overrated?

South beach!

5. Could you give us some advice to be able to know more about what the locals prefers?

In Miami we have so many restaurants it would be hard to tell you one. Sushi is a big thing here, Ceviche as well, Italian and French. The one place you have to visit is Versailles, a cuban restaurant on Calle Ocho.


Everyone should go to at least one beach. We usually go to Key Biscayne because its more for locals rather then tourist like Miami Beach. If you can rent a boat for a day and go out to the sand bars and visit Stiltsville.

The new places to go out would be in Wynwood, Midtown, Brickell and Downtown Miami. There are so many bars and clubs now it would be hard to tell you one!

If you want to find more, David has written a post about experiencing Miami like a local, and I suggest you to visit his blog because you can find there amazing adventures from all around the world!


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