Today, as it is another sad day in the world, I decided to send some love to France! Therefore, will Elisa’s help, we will talk a bit about Paris.

After visiting so many cities in the whole world, The City of Lights is still my number 1! I’m hoping I will get the chance to see it again soon, and I will sure try to find more of the places where the locals love to spend the time.


1. Let’s get to know you better: where are you from and what are you doing now in Paris?

My name is Elisa and as you my guess I love traveling! I am from Barcelona (Catalonia) and I have been living in Genoa (Italy), Tunis (Tunisia), Paris (France). I am lucky to have visited 62 countries (next one is Romania) and still counting. I live in Paris since 2009 with a one year break to travel around the World. I am back to Paris since September, where I work as engineer and try to enjoy what the city has to offer.


2. What do you like the most about Paris?

It is the perfect city for people who love culture! Plus it must sound like a cliché but Paris is trully a moveable feast, every day there is something cool happening 😉


3. Let’s suppose a very good friend of yours will come visit this beautiful city. Could you please make a 2 days program to include all the must see places?

That’s the main goal of World In Paris, my website: I strongly believe that there is no better way to discover a new place than by the hand of a local who show us the main sights but also his favourite places far from the crowds. I am against „programs”, „must see places” or „pre defined tours” so I would talk to him to understand what kind of experience he would like to live in Paris and I would pick the places which suit him better plus a couple of my favourite places.


4. What touristic attractions in Paris you think are a bit overrated?

Generally speaking I think tourists miss the local side of Paris. There are so many „must see” and clichés around Paris that visitors forget to discover real Parisian life, what locals like to do /enjoy in Paris. Our motto is „Shaking Paris!” because we want to show visitors that there is much more than Tour Eiffel or macarons.

5. I think you already had some time to integrate through the locals. Could you give us some advice to be able to know more about their preferences?

You will find few Parisians hanging around Paris’ main sights. My best advice is to visit Paris by the hand of a local, a friend of yours living in the city for example. There is no better way to discover a city, my fondest moments during my World Tour are those times when I was meeting a friend (or the friend of a friend) who could show me around.
If you don’t know anybody in Paris, I suggest you to have a look at my blog  or my Facebook page  where I am trying to promote the off the beaten side of Paris. These are places that I am enjoying myself as a local.
I can also suggest to pick one of our Parisian Guides, World In Paris proposes Parisian Guides for every budget, also for free, with my same philosophy. We like William Butler’s quote „there are no strangers here, only people you haven’t met yet”


If you plan to visit this amazing city and you want to discover more than just the tourist attractions, I really suggest you to follow World In Paris for more info:



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  1. Some love to France received! Nice article, thanks for sharing a little bit of „World In Paris”! Hope you will get the chance to come to Paris again soon 🙂

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