Although I haven’t been there since like… forever, Prague is still one of my favorite cities in Europe. Maybe because I got the chance to know it better than the others. I spent there two weeks full of activities, cultural events and parties and I met a lot of interesting people through an Youth Exchange program, called „Culture… actually„. It was organised by a cool group of Czech students and I enjoyed every second of it.

Andrea was very kind to answer my questions about Prague and to give of some priceless advice!


1. Let’s get to know you better: where are you from and what are you doing now in Prague?

Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m originally from Prague, currently studying at the university here. To be honest, I only started to appreciate the city properly after living abroad a bit. But who does not, right?

2. What do you like the most about Prague?

I simply love the views with hundreds of spires at the horizon (so viewpoints hunting is basically a sport), the sound of trams passing by, the easy-going culture that perfectly combines sunsets with beer-drinking. You can’t catch Prague flatfooted, it is always ready to amaze you.


3. Let’s suppose a very good friend of yours will come visit this beautiful place. Could you please make a 2 days program to include all the must see places?

This 2-day itinerary would primarily fit the first-time visitors, archi-lovers and history enthusiasts but I’m sure you can at least pick parts of it anyways 😉

DAY 1: The Royal Way – it received its name due to being the coronation route the kings/emperors took up the hill to the castle. As a result, it contains some of the most representative facades and views. You can ideally start off a little sooner at the Old Town square (so photogenic, isn’t it) with its famous astronomical clock. Then you move to the Charles Bridge and continue to the Lesser Town Square, up the Nerudova street. (If you
need a break for a coffee or lunch, there are many cafés and restaurants if you descend from the bridge and go to the riverside area called Kampa.) After the nicest hike ever, you’ll be reaching the Castle where you can easily spend long hours, depending on how many sites you want to see closely. For dinner, you can try Lokal, U Fleku or something else typically Czech that goes with beer (when it says „typical Czech cuisine” it probably won’t be it,

DAY 2: Kick the day off with a nice breakfast at Jen, Kofárna or Coffee room (my fresh new favourite). If you’ve had enough of the crowded streets from day 1, you can escape them with a stroll on the Vyšehrad hill – the place of the former castle (not there anymore but the wonderful views stayed :P). If you’re fit for some more walking, the path leads to the riverside walk lined with bars and restaurants, so you can grab a meal or a drink whenever you need it. You can also rent a paddle boat if the weather is nice or join the farmers’ market on Náplavka. Don’t forget to check out the one-and-only modern building in the historical part of Prague – the Dancing House, they also have a café with a terrace up there.

4. What touristic attractions in Prague you think are a bit overrated?

Sex Machines museum, Karlovy lázně Club, Ice bar, beer spa… well, because none of it would be visited by locals.


5. Could you give us some advice to be able to know more about the preferences of czech people?

Prague locals, and actually it might apply for Czech people in general (happy generalising day!), are quite laid-back and easy going. Yes, true, we are beer-lovers and even though you definitely have to try out at least three kinds of Czech beer, please always keep in mind that we also have other cultural heritage. If you’re not in the mood for literature, art galleries or classical music concerts.., you can just take a look around yourself at any time and appreciate the historical city with millions of stories and absolutely unique architecture. Just as we – Prague locals – do. 🙂

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