Yass! I  can finally have the chance to post something about Copenhagen! Since I didn’t have time to write about my experience (yet), Gautier agreed to help and to give us some very good advice on how to explore the city at it’s best!


1. Let’s get to know you better: where are you from and what are you doing now in Copenhagen?

My name is Gautier, I’m French, 30 years old and I’ve been living in Copenhagen for 5 years. I’m currently self-employed, doing some business development and digital marketing for local start-ups. I love to travel, photography, video, cinema, reading and I’m generally very curious about life.

2. What do you like the most about Copenhagen?

In my opinion, Copenhagen is for sure in the top 5 of the best cities to live in the world. The quality of life is amazing and it’s hard to beat attractive job market, facilities etc.
What I like the most is that Copenhagen has all the advantages of a capital without any disadvantage. It’s full of life and you can party hard but at the same time you can also find very quiet and relaxed places. It’s touristic but not overcrowded and it’s easy to go around by bicycle. And finally, the most important, it’s very international, functional and well connected with flights.


3. Let’s suppose a very good friend of yours will come visit Copenhagen. Could you please make a 2 days program to include all the must see places?

For the first day, I would recommend a classic tour of the famous things in the center:
– Walk along the canals in Christianhavn
– Pass by the free area of Christiania
– Go for a tour to see the main buildings: stock exchange, Christiansborg, Rosenborg, Nyhavn, the opera house, the black diamond
– Walk through the main shopping street and stop by Lego shop
– Finish the day by the Little Marmaid

For the second day I would recommend some alternatives activities:
– The cover market in Norreport
– An afternoon at Tivoli
– A bicycle trip to the parc after Bella center


Other recommendations:
– A day at Louisiana Museum
– A day at the beach in Amastrand



4. What touristic attractions in Copenhagen you think are a bit overrated?

The little mermaid is definitely the overrated attraction of Copenhagen but as the symbol of the city you have to see it anyway!


5. I think you already have some time to integrate through the locals. Could you give us some advice to be able to know more about their preferences ?

Locals and expats are all mixed in Copenhagen so anywhere you go you will meet local people. To eat, if you are courageous you can try a smorrebrod!
Obviously Danes are not well known for the gastronomy and as a French guy it’s really difficult to eat well here. But you have a lot of other stuffs to discover like Danish design, Carlsberg museum etc. Just give it a try to discover and make it your own path!



Gautier has traveled a lot and his photo galleries are amazing, therefore I suggest you to visit his page  and find more about his experiences:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gglobalground/

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  1. I have to bookmark this! Am avut in plan sa ma intalnesc cu my BFF in Copenhaga, dar a picat pentru ca singurul weekend disponibil in programul nostru era fix cel cu Eurovision. Atunci orice cotet de camera costa minim 150 de euro/noapte :)))

    • Ira Reply

      Este un oras superb! Eu imi doresc sa ma intorc si sa mai bifez niste chestii mentionate in articolul asta, ca prima data nu prea am apucat.
      Sper sa ajungi curand! :*

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