In my opinion, Vienna is one of the most elegant capital of Europe. Beautiful architecture, large streets, big parks and bright spaces. It’s  also the first capital I have visited abroad and it will always take a special place in my heart for this reason.

For this article, I have invited Andrea to answer some questions about beautiful Vienna!

1. Let’s get to know you better: where are you from and what are you doing now in Vienna?

Hey, I’m Andrea from Prague but fell in love with Vienna nearly 10 years ago – not so hard to do, is it? Since then I’m searching for any occasion to stay for a weekend, a week or the whole summer.


2. What do you like the most about Vienna?

I totally adore the old-school feeling that Vienna offers. Though it is a cosmopolitan city with languages other than German widely spread, you can still notice the old-times smell 🙂 Since it offers a kind of „village feeling” (meant in the best way possible), people are somehow closer and respectful to each other.


3. Let’s suppose a very good friend of yours will come visit this beautiful city. Could you please make a 2 days program to include all the must see places?

Well, this will be a piece of cake 🙂 I’d love to go one-by-one with you!

DAY 1: Starting off in Schönbrunn – the sooner, the better to escape the crowds which usually appear at around 10am. You can visit both, the palace (emperor’s summer residence) and the gardens. For lunch, try to find Meierei in the gardens, it is well-hidden but the food is worth it. Then you can continue with the world’s oldest zoo or the Palmenhaus followed by dinner and a drink at Naschmarkt where you’ll find nearly any cuisine you can think of, including the Austrian one surely.

DAY 2: Easy-going morning with a brunch at any café that serves Wiener Früstück (Goldegg is my favorite) and then you’re ready for a walk in the city centre. Don’t forget a nice ice-cream!

What you shouldn’t miss out? Hofburg, Kärtnerstrasse – the shopping street, Stephansdom – the cathedral, Opera, Albertina,… for lunch/dinner I suggest Figlmüller’s finest Wiener Schnitzel that is absolutely crazy sized. When you’re ready to leave the inner city, take a walk (or a tram ride) along the Rinsgtrasse – one of the greatest urban projects that is lined with many important Viennese buildings such as the City hall, the Parliament, the Burgtheater, the University and the amazing MQ (Museums Quartier) where you can finish off with a drink or a coffee.


4. What touristic attractions in Vienna you think are a bit overrated?

Mozarthaus – first of all, Mozart consequently lived in 12 or more houses in Vienna, so why should only one of them get this much attention… Besides,the display is not worth the price of the ticket.

Riesenrad – much more exciting experience with the same view is from Prater’s highest carousel (Prater
Tower) reaching up to 117m, how crazy.

Hotel Sacher – you can get the famous Sacher cake everywhere else too, please.

5. I think you already had some time to integrate through the locals. Could you give us some
advice to be able to know more about their preferences?

First of all – Viennese are much different from all other Austrians. They tend to be described as unfriendly, selfish, always in a hurry and specifically proud of being Viennese. From my personal point of view all of this is a little exaggerated. Besides that they’re very sophisticated, patriotic, have good manners, ride a bike throughout the year and will always enjoy a glass of Spritzer with their friends after work. Then it is up to you to get into the circle of their friends 😉

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